The Tiger in 2013: Your Chinese Horoscope

What the year of the snake holds in store for the tiger.This complete guide contains all the predictions you will need for your Chinese zodiac sign to take you into the year ahead.The ancient art of Chinese astrology, which predates the Western zodiac, is a detailed system of divination that has been in use in the Orient for thousands of years.The depth of its wisdom and the accuracy of its character analysis and prediction has caught the imagination of the Western world in recent years and led to a rapid rise in itspopularity.This concise guide to your Chinese zodiac sign in 2013, extracted from the one-volume bestselling guide includes:• Everything you need to know about your sign of the Chinese zodiac• An explanation of the Five Elements: metal, water, wood, fire and earth, and which one governs your sign• Individual predictions to help you find love, luck and success

The Tiger in 2013: Your Chinese Horoscope


Neil Somerville The Tiger in 2013 Your Chinese Horoscope





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   The origins of Chinese horoscopes have been lost in the mists of time. It is known, however, that oriental astrologers practised their art many thousands of years ago and even today Chinese astrology continues to fascinate and intrigue.

   In Chinese astrology there are 12 signs named after 12 different animals. No one quite knows how the signs acquired their names, but there is one legend that offers an explanation. According to this legend, one Chinese New Year the Buddha invited all the animals in his kingdom to come before him. Unfortunately, for reasons best known to the animals, only 12 turned up. The first to arrive was the Rat, followed by the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and finally Pig. In gratitude, the Buddha decided to name a year after each of the animals and that those born during that year would inherit some of the personality of that animal. Therefore those born in the year of the Ox would be hardworking, resolute and stubborn, just like the Ox, while those born in the year of the Dog would be loyal and faithful, just like the Dog. While it is not possible that everyone born in a particular year can have all the characteristics of the sign, it is incredible what similarities do occur, and this is partly where the fascination of Chinese horoscopes lies.

   In addition to the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac there are five elements and these have a strengthening or moderating influence upon the signs.

   This book also contains two charts showing the compatibility between the signs for personal and business relationships and details about the signs ruling the different hours of the day. From this it is possible to locate your ascendant and, as in Western astrology, this has a significant influence on your personality.

   In writing this book I have taken the unusual step of combining the intriguing nature of Chinese horoscopes with the Western desire to know what the future holds, and have based my interpretations upon various factors relating to each of the signs. Over the years in which this Chinese horoscope has been published I have been pleased that so many have found the sections on the forthcoming year of interest and hope that the horoscope has been constructive and useful. Remember, though, that at all times you are master of your own destiny.

   I sincerely hope that this Chinese horoscope for 2013 will prove interesting and helpful for the year ahead.

   As we march through life we each have our hopes, our ambitions and our dreams.


   Sometimes fate and circumstance will assist us, sometimes we will struggle and despair, but march we must.


   For it is those who keep going, and who keep their aspirations alive, who stand the greatest chance of securing what they want.


   March determinedly, and your determination will, in some way, be rewarded.


   Neil Somerville


   Silent and still,

   The snake may lie coiled and motionless for a very long time.

   But when it is ready, it strikes.

   Patient, dangerous and ever alert, the snake has power that it would be folly to underestimate. And the same is true for the Year of the Snake. This is a time of powerful undercurrents and far-reaching effects.

   Snake years are times of dramatic events which can alter the course of history. The Russian Revolution which swept away the Tsarist tradition in 1917, the dismantling of the Berlin Wall and collapse of many regimes in Eastern Europe in 1989 and, in the last Snake year, the attack on the New York Trade Center and Pentagon all had profound consequences. In 2013 it is again likely that powerful forces will emerge and some who are repressed will rise up against authority. These changes can be dramatic as well as affect the stability of certain regions.

   World leaders and international organizations will need to be vigilant this year. However, amid the tensions, there will also be landmark agreements which can usher in positive change. It was a Snake year when Presidents Bush and Gorbachev held their first summit and announced the ending of the Cold War and also when Nelson Mandela met President Botha, a meeting which led to the ending of white rule in South Africa. This Snake year will again witness historic developments.

   A further feature of Snake years is that they are times of intrigue, when rumours are rife. Prominent figures could find themselves under scrutiny and with damaging allegations to face up to. Shady dealings, corruption and espionage may discredit certain countries, industries and organizations, and the year is likely to be marked by several scandals.

   However, while the Snake year will see powerful forces at work, it will also be a time of major progress. Although financial markets will remain volatile and be swift to react to rumour and speculation, the year will see a slow but definite economic upturn in many regions. Many governments will also take active measures to stimulate growth and reduce unemployment levels.

   Snake years favour innovation and 2013 is likely to see some defining moments with the release of major products. It was in the last Snake year that Apple launched their iconic iPod and other Snake years have seen the invention of the CD and high-definition television. There has also been notable progress in the world of medicine in Snake years, including the discovery of DNA and, in the last Snake year, the first surgical implantation of an AbioCor artificial heart into a patient and Dr Kenneth Matsumura’s invention of the artificial liver. Further breakthroughs will occur this year and impact on the treatment of certain conditions. International agencies will also be active this year in providing relief and medicine to undeveloped and troubled regions. There will be considerable emphasis on humanitarian and environmental issues.

   The arts and culture thrive in Snake years, and in this one, major events and exhibitions will make various art forms more accessible. On stage and screen, audiences will be delighted by a variety of productions, some of them thought-provoking and profound. There is a reflective quality to the Snake year. The world of fashion is also likely to see notable styles emerge, with the emphasis on the sophisticated and discreet rather than the garish or flamboyant. For the fashion conscious, this can be an exciting year, with new trends (including hairstyles) attracting widespread comment.

   The British royal family will also be very much in the news this year, with events that will bring both joy and concern.

   More ominously, the extreme weather patterns seen in recent years are set to continue. The previous Snake year witnessed Tropical Storm Allison, which caused $5.5 billion in damage, making it the costliest tropical storm in American history. While it is hoped that the ravages of nature will not be as severe or damaging this year, the omens are, sadly, not good.

   This Snake year will, though, see some great human achievements, and whether on land or sea, in the air, in space or indeed in sporting arenas, many records will be broken and feats be inspiring. Interestingly, it was in a Snake year that Sir Edmund Hillary conquered Mount Everest.

   For the individual, the Snake year offers considerable potential. It favours learning and personal growth, and whether by reading or studying more, taking up a new skill or setting themselves a personal objective, many people will be persuaded to improve themselves in some way. This is a year for action, and many people will be satisfied by the actions they take.

   As is always the way, some signs will fare better in the Snake year than others, but for all there will be opportunities to do something personally constructive. As the Chinese proverb reminds us, ‘If you have foresight, you are blessed, but if you have insight, you are a thousand times blessed.’ This is an excellent year to gain new insights, reconnect with the real you and give yourself time to add to your knowledge and capabilities. Use your time well so you may do well.

   I wish you good fortune for the year ahead.





   the zest,

   the enthusiasm,

   the giving the little bit more,

   that makes the difference.

   And opens up so much.

   The Tiger is born under the sign of courage. He is a charismatic figure and usually holds very firm views. He is strong-willed and determined and sets about most of his activities with tremendous energy and enthusiasm. He is very alert and quick-witted and his mind is forever active. He is a highly original thinker and is nearly always brimming with new ideas or full of enthusiasm for some new project or scheme.

   The Tiger adores challenges and loves to get involved in anything that he thinks has an exciting future or that catches his imagination. He is prepared to take risks and does not like to be bound either by convention or the dictates of others. He likes to be free to act as he chooses and at least once during his life he will throw caution to the wind and go off and do the things he wants to do.

   The Tiger does, however, have a somewhat restless nature. Even though he is often prepared to throw himself wholeheartedly into a project, his initial enthusiasm can soon wane if he sees something more appealing. He can also be rather impulsive and there will be occasions in his life when he acts in a manner he later regrets. If he were to think things through or be prepared to persevere in his various activities, he would almost certainly enjoy a greater degree of success.

   Fortunately the Tiger is lucky in most of his enterprises, but should things not work out as he hoped, he is liable to suffer from severe bouts of depression and it will often take him a long time to recover. His life often consists of a series of ups and downs.

   He is, however, very adaptable. He has an adventurous spirit and rarely stays in the same place for long. In the early stages of his life he is likely to try his hand at several different jobs and he will also change his residence fairly frequently.

   The Tiger is very honest and open in his dealings with others. He hates any sort of hypocrisy or falsehood. He is also well known for being blunt and forthright and has no hesitation in speaking his mind. He can be rebellious at times, particularly against any form of petty authority, and while this can lead him into conflict with others, he is never one to shrink from an argument or avoid standing up for what he believes is right.

   The Tiger is a natural leader and can rise to the top of his chosen profession. He does not, however, care for anything too bureaucratic or detailed, and he does not like to obey orders. He can be stubborn and obstinate and throughout his life he likes to retain a certain amount of independence in his actions and be responsible to no one but himself. He likes to consider that all his achievements are due to his own efforts and he will not ask for support from others if he can avoid it.

   Ironically, despite his self-confidence and leadership qualities, he can be indecisive and will often delay making a major decision until the very last moment. He can also be sensitive to criticism.

   Although the Tiger is capable of earning large sums of money, he is rather a spendthrift and does not always put his money to best use. He can also be most generous and will often shower lavish gifts on friends and relations.

   The Tiger cares very much for his reputation and the image that he tries to project. He carries himself with an air of dignity and authority and enjoys being the centre of attention. He is very adept at attracting publicity, both for himself and the causes he supports.

   The Tiger often marries young and he will find himself best suited to those born under the signs of the Pig, Dog, Horse and Goat. He can also get on well with the Rat, Rabbit and Rooster, but will find the Ox and Snake a bit too quiet and serious for his liking, and he will be highly irritated by the Monkey’s rather mischievous and inquisitive ways. He will also find it difficult to get on with another Tiger or a Dragon – both partners will want to dominate the relationship and could find it difficult to compromise on even the smallest of matters.

   The Tigress is lively, witty and a marvellous hostess at parties. She takes great care over her appearance and is usually most attractive. She can be a very doting mother and while she believes in letting her children have their freedom, she makes an excellent teacher and will ensure that her children are well brought up and want for nothing. Like her male counterpart, she has numerous interests and likes to have sufficient independence and freedom to go off and do the things she wants to do. She has a most caring and generous nature.

   The Tiger has many commendable qualities. He is honest, courageous and often a source of inspiration to others. Providing he can curb the wilder excesses of his restless nature, he is almost certain to lead a fulfilling and satisfying life.


   In addition to the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac there are five elements and these have a strengthening or moderating influence on the signs. The effects of the five elements on the Tiger are described below, together with the years in which they were exercising their influence. Therefore Tigers born in 1950 and 2010 are Metal Tigers, Tigers born in 1962 are Water Tigers, and so on.

   Metal Tiger: 1950, 2010

   The Metal Tiger has an assertive and outgoing personality. He is very ambitious, and while his aims may change from time to time, he will work relentlessly until he has obtained what he wants. He can, however, be impatient for results and become highly strung if things do not work out as he would like. He is distinctive in his appearance and is admired and respected by many.

   Water Tiger: 1962

   This Tiger has a wide variety of interests and is always eager to experiment with new ideas or satisfy his adventurous nature by going off to explore distant lands. He is versatile, shrewd and has a kindly nature. He tends to remain calm in a crisis, although he can be annoyingly indecisive at times. He communicates well with others and through his many capabilities and persuasive nature usually achieves what he wants in life. He is also highly imaginative and is often a gifted orator or writer.

   Wood Tiger: 1914, 1974

   The Wood Tiger has a friendly and pleasant personality. He is less independent than some of the other types of Tiger and more prepared to work with others to secure a desired objective. However, he does have a tendency to jump from one thing to another and can easily become distracted. He is usually very popular, has a large circle of friends and invariably leads a busy and enjoyable social life. He also has a good sense of humour.

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