Monster in the Mirror


Monster in the Mirror

   First published in Great Britain by Collins in 2000

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   Text copyright © Jean Ure 2000

   Illustrations copyright © Doffy Weir 2000

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   Source ISBN: 9780006755319

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   Version: 2014-09-24

   For Pat and Muffy (with apologies to Muffy)















   This is the story of Woffles and Stretch. Woffles was a dog, very big and woolly. Stretch was a cat, very smooth and slinky.

   Stretch was called Stretch because he liked to stre-e-e-e-e-e-e-tch.

   Upwards, downwards, even backwards in a circle. He was a very stretchy sort of cat.

   Woffles was called Woffles because he liked to woffle. He woffled round the garden. He woffled round the park. He was a real woffle hound.

   Woffles and Stretch lived in a house with their People. Woffles and Stretch loved their People and their People loved them. Everybody was happy until one day…

   “See what we have here!” cried the People.

   Woffles was asleep on the sofa. He woke up at once and went running to look.

   Stretch was asleep on top of the washing machine. He opened an eye.

   What had the People brought home? Was it food?

   Конец ознакомительного фрагмента.

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