The Devil Delivered and Other Tales

"The Devil Delivered" is certainly the darkest story of the lot, but it's also the compilation's crowning achievement. Erikson imagines a future society devastated by political and corporate greed, environmental degradation, disease, and war. Earth is hardly habitable and "haunted" by ghosts. The story structure is a convoluted mix of instant messaging, historic and scientific logs, and standard narrative. Reminiscent of his work in the Malazan series, the reader is plunged into the proverbial deep-end and only gradually gets his bearings in the world Erikson has created. The reader's patience and perseverance are rewarded, however, with a powerful work of speculative fiction. Erikson's comments on mankind, nature, and artificial intelligence are poignant.
Издания произведения:
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Bantam, 2014г



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